WCP Employee Spotlight: Alice Turcotte

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Alice Turcotte

During her time with WCP, Alice has worn many hats in various departments. Because of that, she has worked alongside many members of our team, making strong connections and friendships with everyone she meets. When asked about Alice, her peers described her as fun, hard-working, bubbly, and a good friend. When she reflected on her own job, Alice told us, “I enjoy helping others and making sure I am available when someone needs something.” Due to the outpouring of incredible feedback, we are honored to feature Alice in this month’s Employee Spotlight.

Alice in W(CP)onderland – Her WCP Story

Alice came to the company in 2000 after meeting her husband, a WCP driver, who told her that there was a job opening in the accounting department at the company. Before that, she worked at Albertson’s as a Bookkeeper. Though Alice initially applied to work in accounting, she moved to a customer service role at WCP Portland. Over the years, she also took on merchandising and buying responsibilities for the division. After 18 years, Alice transferred to WCP Converting and Envelope, where she learned about the manufacturing side of the business. In 2022, Alice moved back into the Portland office as a Corporate employee to become the HR Generalist, a role she has today.

More About Alice

Alice grew up in Portland, OR, and has lived in the area for most of her life. In addition to her two daughters and three grandchildren, she comes from a big family. Alice has 23 first cousins. Of those 23, 16 are boys, which has influenced her interests in football, action movies, and playing Xbox, allowing her to play with her grandson. They have even influenced her adventurous spirit, as Alice has even drag-raced at PIR (Portland International Raceway) once. “I did not beat the other car, but man, what a rush!” she says when asked about the racing experience.

Alice Turcotte

Q & A with Alice

What is your favorite part of working at WCP?
The people! I have worked with so many great people at WCP. I am looking forward to meeting many more.

What is one lesson that your current position has taught you?
The importance of empathy. Having empathy allows for better communication and connection with employees. Recognizing that everyone has their own unique experiences and challenges helps create a more supportive and inclusive work environment.

Do you have any advice for new people in the industry who are just starting their careers?
Keep learning! You can never learn enough!

Can you share some of your favorite memories or stories while working at WCP?
I have so many, but the ones that stick out the most are hiding under people’s desks or in the recycling bin and scaring people (Debbie Russell) — and also hiding fake spiders all over the office.

Alice Turcotte

Employee and Customer Compliments

Alice has made so many impactful connections with her coworkers that we had trouble narrowing down all the quotes; many people wanted to submit. Though this list is long, it does not even cover all the fantastic words people have to say about Alice.

“I’ve had the privilege of working alongside Alice for more than 23 years.  Throughout her career, she’s had various roles within the company, but some things never change – her strong work ethic, positivity, readiness to help others, and she has the “BEST” laugh.  All these qualities and more make working with Alice so enjoyable.  I’m grateful to have her as a colleague and a friend.” – Marilou Hallquist, Director of Human Resources

“I’ve had the opportunity to work with many great people here at WCP, and Alice is no exception. She is always ready to have a good laugh but knows how to get things done.  Whether it’s a customer or a colleague in need, she is always willing to jump in and help, no matter the task. Not only is she a great asset to WCP, but most importantly, she is an amazing human being.” – Justin Ballweber, WCP Envelope and Converting Division Manager

“I love Alice! She is a true bon vivant and she tells great stories.” – Steve Cunningham, WCP Portland Print Inside Sales

“Alice is a breath of fresh air, really fun to work with, always has a great attitude, and is very helpful” – Joe Dunning, WCP Portland Account Manager

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