About Us

As a locally focused wholesale distributor, we provide products and services that help customers effectively and efficiently run their businesses.

What We Do

As a wholesale product distributer, our offering includes paper and envelopes, packaging and shipping supplies, facility and janitorial products, food service supplies, and equipment solutions. We work closely to help customers from consulting, sourcing, stocking, delivering, and with great service. We are there for you throughout the whole process.

Our History

Celebrating more than 90 years in business. We are a third-generation privately owned company founded on March 1, 1930. What began out of the back of a Ford Model A in Seattle’s Pike Place Market and International District during the great depression has expanded to include local service and support across Washington, Oregon, Northern California, Idaho, Montana, and Alaska.

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Why Choose WCP?

We specialize in locally based support that helps customers from top to bottom, from consulting to delivery. We make placing orders and checking inventory easy over the phone or on the go with user-friendly Online Ordering tools that are ready whenever and wherever you are. Our in-house converting and manufacturing team provides Perfect Fit® custom sheets, prototypes, and envelopes. Our local warehouses make getting your products delivered quick and easy from our big yellow trucks.

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Relationships are at the heart of our business and a pillar of our values — an introduction to our leadership, directors, and division managers.



We aren't perfect, but we try our best to be sustainable and environmentally conscious wherever possible.

Our Buildings & Processes

In our buildings, we have shifted to more energy-efficient lighting with motion sensors to limit unnecessary use. In our Converting, Manufacturing, and Operations departments, all paper waste is sorted by grade and recycled by our teams, and packaging plastic and all wood pallets are reused or recycled. We offset emissions for the paper used in the WCP-branded printed material we provide customers, such as our catalogs, cards, and calendars.

Our Fleet

Over the last few years, we’ve invested in new fuel-efficient vehicles throughout our fleet that meet CARB standards. We operate mainly electric material handling equipment in our warehouses and have converted our battery charging systems to opportunity charging, requiring less use of industrial batteries and more effective electrical energy usage.

A Partner to Our Customers

We help our customers achieve their environmental goals by sourcing sustainable-minded solutions that are recycled, compostable, or more efficient to reduce waste. We work with many local-based suppliers, minimizing the impact of transportation, and we are partners with organizations like Carbon Balanced North America and other groups that benefit the environment.


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We are always looking for exceptional people and offer a variety of positions for operations, delivery, converting and manufacturing, accounting, administration, sales, customer service and support.  Become a valued member of our team and join the WCP family!

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