The 40-Year Spotlight

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WCP is honored to have many dedicated and tenured employees on our team. Our employees have built and shaped the company into what it is today. For this Employee Spotlight, we are featuring the individuals who have surpassed or are about to celebrate the tremendous milestone of 40+ years with the company. For these employees, we want to commemorate their achievements and thank them for their continued contributions to our team’s success.

We look forward to a bright future with these incredible individuals at the heart of WCP. A huge congratulations to all of them on this remarkable milestone! We are proud to have them with us.

“A fundamental belief at WCP is that each employee is of value as a unique individual. Unique in who you are and in what you can do for yourself and others. Those whom we honor for their long-term commitment have found the satisfaction of employment is more than just a job; it is a rewarding career. It is worth noting that, true to individual talents and desires, the career paths of choice cover all aspects of our operations, whether it be sales, warehouse, office, etc. A heartfelt thanks to all.” – Dick Abrams, Second Generation Owner of WCP

Employee Spotlights

John Flynn, Kent, WA – Started in 1977

John joined WCP in the summer of 1977 as a Paper Wrapper. After demonstrating his dedication and skills in this position, from 1977 to 1985, he assumed the role of Sales Manager at the WCP Kent office. However, in 1985, John decided to pivot his career path when he transitioned roles to becoming an Account Manager, which is a role he continues to excel in today. Throughout his extensive experience in sales, one profound lesson he has learned is to “be mindful of your surroundings, clients, and associates.”

Mark Denny, Portland, OR – Started in 1977

Mark’s journey at WCP began in 1977 when he started in the warehouse. By 1979, he transitioned into the role of an Account Manager. Mark has remained a member of the Portland division throughout his entire tenure with the company, a commitment that began during his college years. With over four decades of experience at WCP, Mark has gained invaluable insights, and one of the most significant lessons he’s acquired is the profound truth that “your most valuable asset is your time, and it goes by quickly.”

Bill Gloudeman, Boise, ID – Started in 1978

Bill’s journey with the company commenced in November of 1978 with, Supplyways, which was the name we used in the Portland area before transitioning to West Coast Paper. While currently residing in Boise, he initially embarked on his WCP career in Portland, Oregon. There, he started as a driver before he transitioned to be an order puller in the warehouse and subsequently ascended to the position of Portland’s Warehouse Manager. Bill’s journey took him to Boise, at the time known as our affiliate, Pacific Paper Company, where he became the division’s Receiving Supervisor before being promoted once again to Warehouse Manager. For a brief period, he took on the role of WCP Redding’s Warehouse Manager before returning to Boise in the same capacity. With most of his career spent at WCP, spanning multiple divisions, one enduring lesson that has significantly impacted his professional journey is the importance of teamwork. Bill emphasizes that working for WCP in an environment characterized by deadlines and high levels of accuracy taught him the essential role of a cohesive team, where together, they can confidently proclaim, “GET ER DONE.”

John Kruesi, Medford, OR – Started in 1979

John came to WCP in November of 1988 after the company acquired Crater Paper Co. in Medford, OR. John was one of the founders of Crater Paper, which was established in 1979. Over the years, John has held many roles and is currently helping to manage special projects related to facility management, real estate, as an advocate for equipment purchasing and repair. As a long-standing employee, he uses his experience as a source of knowledge and guidance.

Maynard Smith, Kent, WA – Started in 1980

Maynard’s commitment to WCP dates back to February 1980. His WCP story began as a Receiving Clerk and Truck Router, and he navigated through various roles, including industrial product buyer and inventory control. Now, he serves in the role of Director of IT since 2021. Much like many others at WCP, Maynard holds a deep affection for his work and derives immense satisfaction from it. He eloquently expresses, “People often say it’s a rarity to stay with a company for this long, but honestly, with all the continual changes that have occurred and continue to happen, it’s almost as if I’ve worked for different companies. Our primary focus is enabling people to perform their jobs more efficiently and effectively, which brings a sense of fulfillment that goes beyond the paycheck.”

Dorothy Marty, Kent, WA – Started in 1980

Dorothy started at WCP in 1980 as a Filer. From there she moved into Accounts Receivable and then became the credit manager out of WCP Kent. After demonstrating her leadership and effectiveness, in 2008 she was promoted to the Director of Credit. Being the Director of Credit, one thing Dorothy has learned is the importance of effectively communicating with people, not only with her coworkers but also with customers and suppliers. She has developed the type of strong connection with our customers that allows her to have tough conversations with them when necessary, yet it does not impact the type of relationship they have.

Mike Roush, Kent, WA – Started in 1982

Mike embarked on his journey at WCP in 1982, originally coming from Alaska Paper, which was an affiliate of the company. He may have started out as a warehouse worker but within a year, he transitioned into roles in Purchasing and IT, which were all based in Anchorage, AK. Mike’s career path within the company has been a diverse one, giving him a wealth of experience in various areas of the business. The most significant lesson he has acquired is the invaluable wisdom of actively listening to what people have to say. Mike recognizes that this practice plays a pivotal role in preventing potential issues from arising down the line.

Debbie Russell, Portland, OR – Started in 1983

Debbie has been an Industrial Merchandiser for WCP Portland since 1983. Even after four decades of experience in the industry, every day presents new challenges and opportunities. This ever-changing environment is precisely what she loves about her work.

Dave Monroe, Medford, OR – Started in 1983

Dave started at WCP in 1988 after the company acquired Crater Paper in Medford, OR. Before that happened, he had been at Crater Paper since 1983. Dave began at WCP in 1983, starting out working in the warehouse and serving as a delivery driver. However, in 1993, he made a career transition, shifting from the warehouse to assume the role of an Account Manager—a position he still holds today. When reflecting on the key factor that has profoundly influenced his career, Dave said, ” I’ve been able to work with some of the greatest people ever.”

Serena Barnes, Portland, OR – 1984

Serena Barnes started her journey with WCP in Portland, OR,  back in 1984, and over the years, she has worn a multitude of hats within the company. For the past four years, she has served as a Merchandiser for WCP Converting. However, her path at WCP has been marked by remarkable diversity, as she previously held positions as a Receptionist/File Clerk, in Receiving, Data Processing, Accounts Payable and Receivable, Purchasing, and Print I.S. Serena’s extensive experience across various departments has equipped her with a profound understanding of their inner workings and how best to support them. She astutely points out, “Being able to work hands-on with each department has given me a better grasp of their responsibilities and how my actions can impact their tasks. This level of communication has forged strong relationships with my colleagues, which, in my opinion, is the key to our success.” Serena will be celebrating her 40th anniversary in the year ahead.

Steve Cole, Kent, WA – Started in 1984

Steve’s dedication to WCP extends back to 1984 when he began his journey with the company as an Account Manager. Remarkably, he dedicated 26 years to excelling in this role before his well-deserved promotion to WCP Kent Sales Manager in 2010. For six years, he led in this capacity before being promoted to Kent’s Division Manager in 2016, a position he has successfully held since. With almost four decades of industry experience under his belt, Steve has gleaned a valuable lesson that he graciously imparts: “People don’t care about how much you know until they know how much you care. We are in a people business first and foremost, whether it is customers or employees; people come first.” Steve will be celebrating his 40th anniversary in the year ahead.

Scott Reese, Medford, OR  – Started in 1984

Scott came to WCP in November of 1988 after the company acquired Crater Paper in Medford, OR. Before that happened, he had been at Crater Paper since 1984. Since then, Scott has been an Account Manager at WCP Medford, managing accounts in the Southern Oregon and Northern California Coastal regions. “Relationships with our customers have been the most influential part of working with WCP,” says Scott when asked what has impacted his career in the industry most, “Over the years I have met some great people who have been a large part of our success. The mutual respect between my customers and me, offering my assistance and being assisted in return has been very gratifying”. Scott will be celebrating his 40th anniversary in the year ahead.

Honorable Mentions for our Retired Members

As this is our first time celebrating our 40-Year spotlight, in addition to celebrating our current employees, we want to acknowledge and say thanks to all the retired WCP team members who retired with 40+ years with the company. We thank you for your time, dedication, and all you did for the company to help get us to where we are now.

Samuel Boren, Michael Heinz, Patrick O’Neil, James Rasmussen, Masaru Nitta, Bob Fetzer, Dana Hahn, Dave Paxton, Fumi Tsurui, Hugh Ptolemy, Tony Nieto, Pat Dunlevy, Jim Kalz, Lloyd Trettevik, Yip Leung, Phil O’Loane, Phil H. O’Loane, Stan Hall, Mike McGinnis, and Kerry Burtness.

*Note about Honorable Mentions: We did our best to track down as many past employee records as possible but acknowledge that we may have missed someone, and if we did, we are truly sorry. If you let us know, we’ll make sure to put a note in our records. Some of the Honorable Mentions include time spent at companies acquired by WCP over the years, and we are including that time.

A Note From Teresa Russell, Third Generation Owner

WCP is about people, including careers and success. The individual and team efforts contribute to WCP’s success, to the success of fellow employees, and to who we are. The wonderful career stories above illustrate personal success and dedication and a bit about how each person has seized opportunities. Each person featured, and each story puts a smile on my face, and I hope it does the same for others reading this spotlight. As said by Dick Abrams, a heartfelt thanks!

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