Protect your business from the Cold and Flu

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Download The Cold and Flu Guide to help protect your business

The 2017-2018 flu season is reaching moderately severe levels in almost all 50 states. This season the flu vaccine is less effective against the predominant H3N2 strain. According to the CDC the most effective thing you can do to protect yourself, besides the flu shot, is washing your hands regularly with soap and water and use alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

Protect your business from absenteeism and keep your employees healthy by ensuring they have the right products to prevent the spread of germs!

Schools in at least 12 states across the country have been forced to close as the number of absent students climb.

Download the WCP Cold and Flu Guide

Clorox 360

From Clorox: Learn more at Schools should be places where young minds grow, not where bacteria and viruses sicken students and teachers alike. Yet educational facilities of all stripes have numerous surfaces where pathogens can spread.

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