Check out Our New and Improved Pressure Sensitive Program

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We are excited to launch our newly rebuilt and improved Pressure Sensitive Program for our customers in the print industry. When we refer to Pressure Sensitive products, we are talking about labels or what some people call “sticky paper.” We have been working on this program for two years, focused on building even more value for our customers. This has led us to scale back our offering to focus on being narrow and deep in our inventory. The program features products from Mactac and Spinnaker and is a game-changer in the world of sticky paper.

Click here to download the product list for our new program.

Stocking list flyer for WCP Mactac + Spinnaker Label Program

Four Reasons Why Customers Should Take a Look at the New Pressure Sensitive Program:

  1. Our offering is compatible with digital, HP Indigo, and offset folio printing, allowing businesses to achieve exceptional print quality across a variety of printing techniques. Whether you prefer the flexibility and versatility of digital printing or the traditional charm of offset printing, these products are chosen to meet your needs.
  2. The program is cost competitive. In an industry where margins are important, our new narrowly focused Pressure Sensitive product line delivers exceptional and reliable results without breaking the bank and sacrificing quality.
  3. With our focused offering and carefully chosen strategic supplier partners, we have a deep and tailored inventory. We have partnered with Mactac and Spinnaker to make sure we carry the products our customers use day in and day out, stocked locally at WCP. The offering includes DiversiPrint®, Digi™, and Metro® products.
  4. The program has a range of adhesives. With options for both permanent and ultra-removable adhesives, this product offers the versatility necessary to work on a variety of surfaces. Whether you need a secure, long-lasting adhesive or a temporary solution that can be easily removed without leaving residue, we have an option perfect for you.

Industry Examples On Where Pressure Sensitive Can Be Used:

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Pressure Sensitive at WCP

Here at WCP, we have taken a customer-centric approach by streamlining our Pressure Sensitive offering. With a tailored and simplified inventory, we have made it easier than ever for businesses to find the right adhesive paper for their specific needs. This efficiency not only saves time but also ensures that our customers have access to a reliable supply of high-quality adhesive paper whenever they need it.

Let us help you find the perfect paper solution for your next printing project. Our paper industry experts have a vast knowledge of paper weights, finishes, and printability. For more information, contact your local WCP account manager or customer service team or visit our website,, for resources like our paper calculator. Give us a call today at (877) 398-3030.

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