Winter Weather Notice

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Update Feb, 24 – 8:00 am: 

WCP Solutions locations in Portland, Oregon, and Redding, California remain impacted by inclement weather. 

WCP Portland continues to experience service disruptions due to snow and ice. Our team is planning to attempt limited local deliveries later today as our facilities are dug out. The Portland Will Call office is currently open with reduced staffing and is available to customers for order pickup. We are expecting many of our warehouse transfer trucks to other locations to become available again later today. Customer service and sales support continue to be available to assist customers remotely.

WCP Redding has closed down our operations and warehouse facility for the day due to snow and ice. Customer service and sales support are available to assist customers remotely.


Feb 23 – 8:00 am:

Dear Customers,

Due to the unexpected large snowfall and ice across the Portland metro area and other parts of Oregon and Southern Washington, our Portland offices and warehouse location will be closed Today (February 23, 2023). After a road evaluation, our delivery trucks will not be making their normal delivery routes today. Customer service and sales support are available for remote assistance (877) 398-3030.

Additionally, our Eugene, Oregon location is open and servicing early deliveries to customers but we anticipate closing down earlier than normal as a safety precaution.

Though the weather is affecting only some of our locations directly, we anticipate an impact on our trucks transferring products to and from our warehouse hubs in both Portland and Seattle affecting customers in other regions. Thank you for your patience, it is genuinely appreciated. We will re-evaluate the weather conditions for tomorrow’s services and deliveries.

The safety of our employees is our top priority and we are very sorry for the inconvenience that this may have caused your business. Please contact your local team with any additional questions.