West Coast Paper Company Scholarship 2023 Recipients

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WCP Solutions is excited to announce that the committee has selected two recipients this year for the 2023 West Coast Paper Company Scholarship, Cassandra Chapman from Pacific University and Hanna Emerson from the University of Oregon. We are honored to be able to help these two incredible young women continue their education, bringing them one step closer to achieving their dream careers. Both women have a background and focus on mental health education. 

We extend our warmest congratulations to Cassandra Chapman and Hanna Emerson. We look forward to witnessing their continued success and the positive influence they will undoubtedly have on the world. WCP Solutions is honored to be part of their remarkable journey.

Scholarship Recipients

West Coast Paper Scholarship Recipients: Cassandra Chapman, left, and Hanna Emerson, right

More About Cassandra

Cassandra Chapman will be using the scholarship funds to continue her education, pursuing a PsyD in Psychology and certification as a Mental Health Consultant. With her degree, she is striving for a career that provides mental health and sports psychology to athletes and coaches – specifically with Junior and National Hockey teams and working with the USA Olympic and Paralympic Committee. Being a former competitive athlete herself, Cassandra understands first-hand that determination, being able to focus despite surrounding distractions, and persistence are key attributes to achieving goals. When not hard at work studying, she has three jobs at Pacific University in Oregon and volunteers at a crisis line.

More About Hanna

Hanna Emerson is using the scholarship funds to continue her education by getting her Master’s degree in Counseling to pursue a career as a Mental Health Therapist. She strongly believes “that with professional help and a growth mindset, our pain can lead us to our ultimate purpose.” Hanna is passionate about “leading others through the life-changing work we call therapy.” She also has experience volunteering at a crisis line and works as a life coach for incarcerated women and as an Assisted Licensed Professional Counselor for the Reach & Rise® YMCA therapeutic mentoring program for children in Eugene, Oregon.

West Coast Paper Company Scholarship Logo

About the Scholarship

The West Coast Paper Scholarship Award was established in 2005 by Dick and Sharon Abrams with the creation of The West Coast Paper Scholarship Fund. Since its creation in 2005, 27 individuals have received scholarship funding to further their education- this year marking 29 recipients with our 2023 recipients. The scholarship is available to current WCP Solutions employees, spouses, and their children of all ages.