WCP Employee Spotlight: Shannon Reese

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Employee Spotlight - Shannon Reese from WCP Solutions Medford

This month we are proud to shine a spotlight on Shannon Reese from the WCP Solutions Medford division. Over the past 25 years, Shannon has been a vital part of the WCP team and stands out because of her experience in so many roles and her ability to get the job done. Every day she works with our customers to help them solve problems.

Shannon’s WCP Story

In 25 years at WCP, Shannon has done it all. Starting as a receptionist, she then transitioned to customer service within her first month on the job and Shannon’s dedication to the company has been consistently evident. From customer service, purchasing, billing, even helping with human resources Shannon has helped our Medford team when needed going so above and beyond with tasks such as replacing batteries, making after-hour deliveries, washing fleet trucks, and coming in at the crack of dawn to run inventory sheets. Shannon brings both support and warmth to the office while successfully juggling day to day challenges.

When she’s not juggling her work at WCP, Shannon enjoys embracing nature’s beauty by camping and gardening. Her favorite pastime, however, is spending time with her family, especially her grandchildren.

Shannon’s Favorite WCP Memories

After over two decades with the company, two memories come to mind when we asked Shannon to reminisce about her time at WCP:

“The best memory of all is a handsome account manager found out that I was a Dallas Cowboy fan and he was a Pittsburgh Steeler fan, in 1996 the two teams met in the Super Bowl. Both being competitive, we placed a bet on the game. Loser takes the winner to lunch of their choosing. The Cowboys won that year, so he took me to a nice restaurant in the country. We were married in June 2001. The best Super Bowl Ever!  

Back in 2014 Weed, Ca was devastated by a wildfire. WCP teamed up with the local radio and TV stations and put together “Feed Weed” donation trucks for the community. We filled a tractor truck full of supplies along with Sherm’s Food 4 Less and delivered it all down to the shelters.”

Shannon’s Favorite Part of Working at WCP

 According to Shannon, the highlight of working in customer service at WCP is the customer:

“The personal relationships that I have made with both fellow employees and customers. I get the pleasure of speaking with customers daily that I have long and lasting friendships with. We share stories of our children, and now grandchildren. Where have the years gone?”

Compliments from Shannon’s Co-Workers

Shannon makes everybody’s job a bit easier. We would not be as successful as we are without Shannon.
Mike T. – WCP Medford – Customer Service

From my first day of employment at WCP, to a short 11 years later, Shannon has been the “mother-hen” of our division. If you ever have a “boo-boo”, seek out Shannon and everything will be ok! Thank you very much for all you do, Shannon … appreciated greatly!
Jason P. – WCP Medford – Account Manager

What impresses me about Shannon is her ability to multi-task & remember things that happened yesterday or even a year ago. She has tremendous patience, especially with all the constant distractions that come her way.
Ray B. – WCP Medford – Customer Service

Shannon has done every job in our office and done them well. She has been the backbone of our operations and we are lucky to have her on our team.
Tony N. – WCP Medford – Retired Division Manager


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