WCP Employee Spotlight: Lynn DeWard

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WCP Employee Spotlight - Lynn DeWard - WCP Converting Project CoordinatorCollaborating with Converting since 2015

This month we’re shining a spotlight on WCP Solutions’ Lynn DeWard, a Project Coordinator for the Converting Division in Portland. After having been in customer service and print project management for a number of years, Lynn now spends her days at WCP alongside her team and takes great pride in the work the Converting office is doing. In her spare time, she loves to travel and her other hobbies include paddle boarding, kayaking and distance walking. In the four years she’s been with the company, she’s found the best part of her job is collaborating with the talented people that work beside her.

Lynn’s WCP Story

Lynn has spent most of her life in Oregon, from Beaverton to Gresham to Estacada and back. After graduating from Linfield College in McMinnville, she started selling newspaper advertising at the Hillsboro Argus newspaper. After that, she headed to Riddle Press for seven years, followed by RR Donnelley & Sons where they were printing the Microsoft software documentation for distribution across the United States.  

Since September 2015, Lynn has worked with the Converting team in Portland at WCP. During the past four years, the team has grown tremendously. Lynn’s job as a Project Coordinator provides her the chance to work on some very unique collaborations with our customers and sales team. She’s specifically proud of the team for finding its niche in the last few years with lots of great projects.

What Makes WCP Unique?

Through all of Lynn’s varied experiences at different companies, she feels grateful to be at WCP, a company rich with talented people. She feels fortunate to have the opportunity to work with so many amazing and caring individuals who make her job enjoyable and fulfilling.

Lynn’s Favorite WCP Memories

After 4 years at WCP, Lynn shares her favorite memories:

“The night before our Thanksgiving break, just a few months after I started working at WCP, part of the sheeting equipment went down, and we couldn’t sheet anything else. The Converting team rallied around to troubleshoot the mechanical issue while getting the tech rep on the telephone to help us fix the machine. Though it was later in the evening, the entire team stayed to get the sheeter back up and running. We all worked together, making jokes to break the stress of the moment. It showed me how great of a team we have!”

“In each and every situation, our team is working together to make decisions to ensure the customer is satisfied and wants to do more business with WCP. I’m fortunate to have the opportunity to work with employees across many divisions and my favorite part of working at WCP is the collaborative atmosphere. It really is the people that are the best part of the job!” 

Compliments from Lynn’s Co-Workers

Lynn is like a train conductor; she keeps our projects on track and consistently on time. In all seriousness, Lynn is a huge asset to the team and does a phenomenal job keeping projects on track, covering all the fine details and ensuring we deliver a product that we can be proud to put our name behind. Christy J. – WCP Portland

Lynn is very knowledgeable, patient, and pays attention to detail. She takes the time to help and explain everything. She has been very instrumental in helping me with our converting business. Mark F. – WCP Kennewick

Working with Lynn is great, she is a wonderful resource to have at WCP Converting. She has a wealth of knowledge, creative ideas on how to package a product and how to make sure the customer gets the best bang for their buck. Whether it’s a small company and a small run or a bigger company producing 100’s of thousands of products. Having her on my team is like having a second customer service person, making sure we stay on top of projects, especially ones with tight timelines. Victor O. – WCP Portland

Lynn, Is awesome to work with. She is very knowledgeable about products and procedures. When getting quotes and samples she is thorough and prompt with her responses. Lynn is a great asset to our company! Jake K. – WCP Medford


About WCP Converting

Our Converting team is part of the manufacturing side of WCP Solutions. Converting takes large rolls of paper and other substrates and transforms them into smaller sheets or rolls. The sheets and rolls then get sent to our customers for printing and packaging projects. Our Converting team also helps with the design of custom packaging structure and Perfect Fit Prototypes.

Learn more about WCP and our history of customer service by visiting our about page. Want to work alongside awesome people like Lynn and the rest of our team? Visit the WCP Career Center.