WCP Employee Spotlight: Joe Servel

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Joe Servel standing in front of his delivery truck in Idaho Falls

Joe Servel is a delivery driver based out of WCP Idaho Falls. His commitment to providing great service is evident in his thoroughness, professionalism, and ability to continuously exceed customer expectations. “Joe’s personality is contagious” and he can easily leave a lasting impression on everyone he meets so we are excited to feature him in this Employee Spotlight.

On the Go with Joe

Joe had 12 years of route driving experience for Coca-Cola before coming to WCP. In December 2012, he relocated from Montana and took a job as a driver at our Boise, ID location. In August 2015, Joe and his family moved to Idaho Falls, when his wife had a new job opportunity. Since there was a WCP warehouse in the area, Joe was able to transfer divisions and continue working for the company. When asked about his experience at the different branches, Joe said, “I enjoyed the atmosphere at Boise, but my wife’s career took us to Idaho Falls and I have been enjoying my time here ever since”. Since coming to Idaho Falls, Joe has continued to work in our Operations Team as a delivery driver, building strong relationships with our customers within the community.

More About Joe

Joe was born in Missoula, MT, but jumped around the country growing up due to his father’s career. He spent time in California before moving to Virginia and even spent some time in Alaska. Joe ended up moving back to Virginia and then to Montana after graduating high school. He met his wife, Carissa, on a camping trip and they have been married for 17 years. Together, they have two kids. In the winter, when not driving our big yellow trucks around the Idaho Falls region, Joe’s favorite pastime is snowmobiling.

Q & A with Joe

What is your favorite part of working at WCP?
I enjoy the relationships that I have made and established with the customers the most!

What is one lesson that your current position has taught you?
Never tell a customer a time that you will be at their place of business with their order! [there are too many variables in a day and we never want to disappoint a customer]

Do you have any advice for new people in the industry who are just starting their careers?
This company is a well-rounded one, to say the least. The harder you work at making it the best, it will determine how much you will be rewarded by your peers.

Can you share some of your favorite memories or stories while working at WCP?
It’s hard to choose one memory, as I have a lot of great ones! I can honestly say that the good times have outweighed the bad ones. I look forward to many, many more.

Joe sitting in his delivery truck

Employee and Customer Compliments

“Joe is an irreplaceable member of the Idaho Falls division. One of the best things about Joe is his charismatic attitude. He always brightens everyone’s day and always has a smile on his face. The customers love Joe and often tell the account managers how much they appreciate what Joe does for them. He always goes above and beyond expectations. I consider Joe a great friend and colleague. It is people like Joe that contribute to the culture of WCP and make it a great place to work.” – Brad Bolander, Idaho Falls Division Manager

“Joe always goes above and beyond the requirements of his job. He is always more than willing to put our products in several different areas when delivering. A great example of Joe is my son had left a sweatshirt in Firth after a wrestling match. The coach was willing to meet us one evening. I called and asked Joe if he would mind meeting the coach and grabbing my son’s sweatshirt. (Firth is about an hour’s drive from this customer location, but about 10 minutes from where Joe lives). Of course, it was no problem at all for him. He showed up with an order and my son’s sweatshirt. Joe never has a bad day it seems. He is always super excited to see us. Always asks about our families and our lives. I feel that we have a close relationship in and out of the work environment with Joe. He is definitely someone we can always count on.” – Dana, Idaho Falls Customer

“I have known Joe for many years and have nothing but positive things to say about him. He is a reliable and efficient driver but that isn’t what stands out about him. If you spend time with him, you will quickly realize Joe is an incredibly positive person who attacks whatever task is in front of him with a smile. I’ve never known him to shy away from pitching in with additional work or helping to guide newer employees. Joe has always understood he is the face of WCP while making deliveries and has developed significant relationships with his customers who appreciate his exceptional attitude. We are truly fortunate to have Joe as part of the WCP team.” – Justin Overton, Director of Operations

Join the WCP Team

Do you want to work alongside exceptional people like Joe? Visit wcp.link/jobs to see all the open career opportunities across the company! You can also learn more about WCP and our customer relationships and service history by visiting our About page.