WCP Employee Spotlight: Jen Richards

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Jen Richards standing in the WCP Boise warehouse

For over eight years, Jen Richards has been an incredible asset to our team here at WCP Solutions. One of the things that stands out and sets Jen apart is her curiosity and ability to dive into projects to learn as much as she can. She also stands out for her kind attitude towards her coworkers, who have spoken highly of her thoughtfulness, go-getter attitude, and willingness to always help out. Through her various roles she has established an excellent reputation and respect amongst our different divisions throughout the company and we are happy to feature Jen as our next Employee Spotlight.

Jen’s WCP Story

When Jen first joined WCP Solutions, she spent her first three years working at our Portland Division, where she worked as a merchandiser/buyer specializing in janitorial products. In 2017 she made the move to the WCP Boise Division and transitioned to being on the field service team. In that position, she had opportunities to work alongside some of the best technicians and coordinators in the industry. “I learned so much from so many amazing people in Boise, and touched parts of our processes from customer service, buying, receiving, invoicing, and minor IT stuff. I gained a new perspective on the flow of data at WCP,” Jen said, when describing her time working on the field service team. Today, Jen remains at the WCP Boise Division, but earlier this year has made another role transition, joining the data governance team where she now establishes processes and connections that better maintain our data communication between divisions. Her focus is around the setup, management, and the maintenance of our items and related details.

More About Jen

Jen grew up in the state of Washington not too far from Kent. She and her husband, Erick, are high school sweethearts and just celebrated their 13th wedding anniversary this year. In her free time, Jen likes to tend to her garden while listening to audiobooks or music. She also likes to paddleboard, read, and has a love for arts and crafts. Jen and Erick also have a dog named Petey, aka “Petey Burrito”, and a cat named Plantcat. The cat’s name was inspired by being asleep in a house plant on the day they adopted him.

Q & A with Jen

What is your favorite part of working at WCP?
I think most people will say their favorite part is the people, and I have to agree! Making connections, learning along the way, and sharing some laughs is always great. Folks here have a wealth of knowledge and I learn something new every day. I love helping people and love sharing knowledge.

What is one lesson that your current position has taught you?
All the hats I have worn at WCP have taught me something personally and professionally, and this position is no different. I have enjoyed my newest WCP venture with Jeff Larson’s leadership. He introduced me to the House of Toyota concept, which I see as an analogy for building a house. It starts with a stable foundation, followed by walls, a roof, and everything in between. The WCP foundation is something we are all helping to strengthen each day by solidifying and maintaining good data. When we all build from a sturdy WCP foundation and maintain our structure, each branch is able to paint their walls in just the right shade to fit their local markets.

I have learned to always be curious, ask questions, and listen. Christina Wallace and the whole data governance team have been fantastic collaborators and the #1 reason why I learn something new each day – there is no end to learning and gaining a deeper understanding of processes at WCP.

Most of all, I see that every single person here has a busy schedule, especially with everything we have experienced over the past few years. It is easy to lose focus, but it is so important to not lose sight of our foundation and build our house stronger together.

Do you have any advice for new people in the industry that are just starting their careers?
Be curious and never stop learning! Ask questions, get in, and learn how things connect from department to department, both in and outside of our computer system. Learn about our house from the foundation up – You will meet awesome people along the way.

Can you share a favorite memory or story while working at WCP?
I once emailed the entire merchandiser email group about a new item announcement for an aerosol bug spray that had an unfortunate and hilarious typo… and two subsequent emails to correct my mistake only made it worse and more obvious. It was for a bug spray intended for PANTRY areas. I still hear about it from time to time.

Coworker Compliments

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jen on several projects and she has always blown me away with her knowledge and willingness to get it done. Jen is one of the most thoughtful and kindest people I’ve ever interacted with. Not only is she a great coworker but I would also call her a great friend. I’m grateful for Jen and the awesome human being that she is! Thank you Jen!” – Brian Keys, Portland Equipment and Service Buyer/Merchandiser

“Jen is such a valuable asset to the WCP team – a creative talent who will take on anything and make it great. She is also a willing mentor and advocate to her coworkers. We are so lucky to have her!” – Judy Liedtke, WCP Solutions Boise Division Manager

“Jen has been a great addition to the Data Governance Team. The knowledge she has brought from other roles within WCP, her innate curiosity, and her ability to work with anyone to get to the root of any issue are exactly what we need for the Data Governance Manager role. I greatly appreciate the value she contributes to the team each and every day.” – Jeff Larson, Director of Business Process and Technology

“Jen has been and always will be one of the best employees a company could ask for. Her passion for her job and desire to get our customers what they need is the best I’ve ever seen.” – Kyle Fowler, Portland Sales Manager

Join Our Team

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