Citywide Cleanup in Anchorage

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WCP Solutions is proud to have been an event sponsor for the 50th Annual Citywide Cleanup Week in Anchorage, Alaska that took place on April 28.

A Note from the WCP Anchorage Team

Participating in this event has been a real pleasure. As the team was cleaning up the city, we saw people from different companies, organizations, and even individuals who only wanted to improve their city. Seeing floods of people from entirely different backgrounds join together for the sole purpose of cleaning up the town that they love was genuinely inspiring. While driving through the city of Anchorage that week, it was impossible not to see someone on the side of the road with an orange trash bag dedicated to their community.

WCP Solutions is proud to be a part of this event, and we look forward to participating again in the coming years.

Info about the event from the Anchorage Chamber

PLOGGING (v): a Scandinavian exercise trend that combines running with picking up litter.

This year, Anchorage is taking the concept of plogging, and incorporating it into the City-Wide Cleanup. Due to the high volume of snow every year, litter can be buried for months at a time until break-up season. This year, the tradition of cleaning up the city continues – one trash bag at a time.

“For 50 years, the Anchorage Chamber has helped preserve the cleanliness and beauty of its city through the Citywide Cleanup Week. Thousands of volunteers come together to collect millions of pounds of trash and dispose of it at local dumping and landfill stations. This week-long event is a way for businesses and the Anchorage Chamber to give back to the community and take pride in and ownership of Anchorage.”

About WCP Solutions

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