Important Update for WCP Customers: COVID-19

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Update to Customers about how COVID-19 is impacting WCP Solutions and the supply chain


March 23, 2020


To Our WCP Customers:

As we progress into these unprecedented times, we want to provide you with clear and consistent communication on what WCP Solutions is doing internally and give you updates on our supply chain.


  • We continue to have stringent and regular internal cleaning and sanitation protocols within all our facilities, and our warehouse and delivery equipment is now being regularly sanitized as well.
  • We are strictly following the CDC recommendations for personal hygiene and we are practicing social separation of our employees in our facilities.
  • We have as many employees as possible working remotely and our IT team is working to expand this to more employees.
  • Our drivers are continuing to wear gloves, and masks if necessary, and make dock-only deliveries when possible, and especially to locations where there has been a recognized COVID-19 outbreak.
  • We discourage suppliers and non-essential visitors from entering our buildings and our Account Managers are not visiting customers unless the need is critical.
  • Any employee showing illness symptoms associated with COVID-19 will be required to leave immediately and not return until a minimum of 7 days after exhibiting any symptoms without the use of medications.
  • Any employee stating, they have been exposed to another person exhibiting symptoms associated with COVID-19 is asked to stay home and monitor their own health for 72 hours.

Supply Chain Updates:

  • With the diversity of our product offering we are honored to be recognized by the Department of Homeland Security as an essential provider. We will continue running our operations as smoothly as possible despite any further expected “stay at home” requirements.
  • We are prioritizing the healthcare, first-responders and foodservice segments currently to provide necessary products for the prevention of further spreading COVID-19 and to maintain consistent supplies essential for these industries.
  • Demand continues to be excessive on the products associated with these segments and we are diligently working with our suppliers to maintain consistent quantities on these products, and within our divisions, to ensure our allocations are maximized.
  • We are offering suitable alternative products whenever possible.
  • Several manufacturers of these critical items have imposed strict allocations and have begun rationalization of offerings to manufacture more volume on fewer stocking units.
  • Many of our suppliers are working 24/7 to fill backorders and, and with the Defense Protection Act being implemented, we are hopeful that our supplies will begin trending towards demand very soon.
  • Also, due to the increased demand on these products, and driver limitations, there has been a tremendous strain on the national freight system. However, our loyalty to our primary suppliers has been beneficial to maintaining a consistent supply chain thus far.
  • We are not currently allowing any returns to prioritize our teams to focus on the outgoing needs.

We will continue to monitor the COVID-19 pandemic and will comply with the CDC, local, state, and federal governmental mandates and guidelines.  The wellness and health of our employees, customers and suppliers is always our primary objective.  Thank you for your continued support during these challenging times.


Ed Allen
WCP Solutions


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