Tork PeakServe Video Walkthrough with Jeff Hamlin from Essity

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Continuous Hand Towel Dispenser

We had the opportunity to chat with Jeff Hamlin from Essity about the new TorkPeakServe product portfolio. With hygiene currently one of the most important ways to keep your employees safe, the Tork PeakServe dispensers are a great way to offer the best handwashing systems possible in your business. We’re proud to offer these options to our customers and share a little bit more about this product.

The TorkPeakServe product portfolio was relaunched on April 1st and now offers a more expanded product list. Many of our customers might be familiar with the large PeakServe dispenser that holds 5 bundles of compressed hand towels, totaling 2,100 towels of compressed product. Now joining the PeakServe dispenser family is the new PeakServe Mini, a product that holds 1,230 towels in a smaller, more compact design. 

The new launch of these products also includes adapters that can allow these dispensers to easily be inserted into cabinet units in your workplace. The adapters allow you to change over expensive recessed dispensers without defacing, damaging, or changing the look of the cabinet.

Tork Peakserve Hand Towels and DispensersOne of the great things about this new product line of dispensers is the technology behind the bundles loaded into the machines themselves. With new ways of compressing, the bundles of towels have been compressed by 50%, meaning dispenser capacity is increased by 50% as well. This means less labor to service the machines for our customers and the dispensers are easy to load with the newly formatted compressed bundles. These dispensers are loaded from the bottom and will feed up over the top for easy towel access.

For customers interested in this great new product line-up, reach out to your local WCP account manager or customer service team. For any additional help with dispensers or hygiene products, we’re happy to help! Give us a call today (877) 398-3030.

For More info on the Tork Peakserve Hand Towel Dispenser available here: