Finding the ROI for Equipment Automation

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Nilfisk SC50 autonomous scrubber navigating in a warehouse

The Benefits and ROI for Equipment Automation

When it comes to purchasing automation packaging equipment, the primary concern for many businesses is how long it will take to pay off the investment. The initial cost can seem daunting, but with the right equipment solutions, the return on investment (ROI) can quickly justify it. In this blog post, we discuss how this type of equipment investment can result in labor savings and improve efficiencies, ultimately saving you time, money, and can help limit product waste.

Labor Savings and Efficiency Gains

One significant benefit of equipment for packaging and janitorial is the labor savings they can provide. By automating repetitive tasks, you can repurpose employees to focus on more critical, value-added activities while the equipment does the brunt of the work. In other words, instead of replacing employees, automation can allow them to work more efficiently and in areas they can be more productive, completing tasks faster and adding more value to your business.

Paying Off the Investment

A common question businesses ask themselves before purchasing a piece of automated equipment is: “How long will it take to pay off the investment?” To answer this, consider the daily costs of not making the investment. When you factor in labor savings, increased productivity, and reduced product waste, the ROI becomes evident. These savings often pay off the initial investment much quicker than customers anticipate.

To help make calculating the ROI as easy as possible, we have a free calculator tool that can show you how much money you can expect to save and how long it will take to pay off your investment. It is fast to use, too! All you need to do is input the price of the equipment and select the cost-saving benefits and additional advantages you expect to gain. The calculator will analyze each of these factors and generate a comprehensive ROI analysis for your equipment purchase. In your report, you can expect to find analytics such as pay-back periods based on both cash and financing payment options, total estimated savings over five years, your internal rate of return, and it even showcases the cost of doing nothing. This report can be downloaded as a PDF and then shared with your team.

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Creating A More Sustainable Footprint

Another aspect to consider when evaluating the ROI is the environmental impact. Automated packaging equipment can reduce waste, which promotes sustainable business practices. These machines are designed to use only the necessary amount of materials to get the job done effectively and consistently every time.

packaging equipment folding a box

How WCP Can Help

We offer a wide range of automated packaging equipment from Lantech, Nilfisk, SquidInk, Eastey, 3M, IPG, and more. These suppliers are known for their innovative features that enhance operational efficiency and employee productivity. For example, Lantech’s Cut and Clamp feature is popular for its ease of use and time-saving benefits. Additionally, their Click-and-Go (remote start) feature offers significant time savings, allowing operators to start packaging processes quickly without getting on and off forklifts and other machinery. Squid Ink’s CoPilot Max LT Printer has the ability to print directly on your box, which saves money on materials and expedites production time. Case Sealers also gives you the exact amount of tape needed for a box every time, saving you on product waste and improving consistency. They are also faster than sealing a box by hand, eliminate repetitive movement to increase operator safety and tape the box cleanly.

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To learn more about how WCP can help with your ROI regarding packaging equipment, contact your local WCP Account Manager or Customer Service team. We are more than happy to chat about the automated packaging equipment we offer and set up a consultation with our suppliers to discuss the different types of packaging automation we have. Give us a call today at (877) 398-3030.