Pre Season Ice Melt Special

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Ice Melt Pre Season Special

Sadly we would like to interrupt your sunny 90 degree days to announce our preseason snow and ice melt special. We know it’s hard to envision the ice-covered sidewalks, roadways, and driveways riddling us during our coldest season, but alas they are right around the bend.Handi Spreader

Avoid the panicked icy weather rush to get snow melt for your business and order today while the special is still hot. When you purchase a pallet of Sno Plow ice melt you’ll receive a free Handi Spreader. However, this special is only available while supplies last.

Sno Plow is the supreme way to make your paths safe during the winter season, it melts ice three times faster than other ice melters with its LIQUI-FIRE coating. While the melt rate is all fine and great we all know the worst thing about ice melt which is the damage it can cause to your floors as people track it in, Sno Plow is safe on carpets, hard floors, and concrete.

Click here to download more information about our Snow Melt Preseason Special.