WCP Logistics: Powered by People

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Take an inside peek at the logistics and operations here at WCP Solutions. As a local wholesale distributor, we take pride in our ability to service our community of customers with locations across the Pacific Northwest, Alaska, and Northern California. Since the beginning, WCP Logistics has been Powered by People. We flew a drone through our warehouse and created this video to showcase how far we have come since 1930 and the incredible operations team that supports our customers each and every day.

Our warehouses are stocked with products for quick local delivery. Our customers have access to over 30,000+ active products from over 1400+ supplier partners, and many of the vendors are locally based in our own backyard. From our warehouses, our fleet of over 200+ vehicles serves thousands of customers daily, tens of thousands of customers per year, and our big yellow trucks cover approximately 2.5 million miles on local roads each year.

We are proud of our spectacular team at WCP Solutions, from operations, sales, service, and support. We know we have what it takes to be your supplier of choice. Get to know us more by subscribing and liking our videos on YouTube.

Special thanks to our video partner, Sproutbox.co