Power of Green – A Sustainable Paper Guide from Neenah + WCP

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The Power of Green - from Neenah Paper and WCP Solutions

The paper industry has made huge strides forward in the last several years in terms of being thoughtful about the sustainable nature of paper products. Last week we dived into FSC paper products in our first Paper 101 post. If you’re looking to learn even more about sustainable options, Neenah has put together a comprehensive guide to help you choose the perfect paper for your project and help the planet in the process.

WCP Solutions + Neenah Paper = The Power of Green

We are excited to announce that Neenah has partnered with us at WCP Solutions and created an exclusive new resource called The Power of Green. This guide features the most sustainable choices from the Neenah product lines, making it easy to select an environmentally friendly paper choice for your next project. WCP is excited to have this partnership with Neenah in an effort to highlight sustainability. As a company based in the Pacific Northwest, a region rich with natural resources from acres of forests to rivers and wild coastlines, we are particularly proud of this collaboration.

How to Use the Power of Green Swatch Resource Guide 

The Power of Green from Neenah will guide you through your paper choice, explain the meaning behind the green logos, and provide you with approved verbiage that you can print on your piece to communicate those attributes. The guide also gives an overview of the different environmental certifications including FSC, Green Seal and Green-e, as well as how you can utilize these logos. For printers and graphic designers, the guide is a great starting point to assist in helping you navigate the process of selecting a sustainable paper product that’s right for your project.

The Power of Green is divided into 5 sections:

  1. Sustainability Speak: definitions, terms, and what it means to be sustainable
  2. 80 & 100 PCW:  paper choices with high recycled content
  3. Communicate With Color: paper choices with earthy natural and kraft color palettes
  4. Packaging and Label: how to elevate your brand with environmentally focused paper-based packaging solutions
  5. Stocked Locally: a list of all of the items stocked at one of our WCP locations

Power of Green Stocked at WCP Solutions

Whether you’re a graphic designer working with businesses who want to focus on sustainable paper choices for their projects or a customer who wants to add more environmentally friendly products to your regular orders, WCP can help! Our account managers can recommend suitable products from The Power of Green by Neenah Paper and can help guide customers and printers on “greener” paper choices. As The Power of Green helps to educate us on sustainable paper options, we can all breathe a little easier knowing that by specifying a “green” paper product, you’re helping to save trees around the world as well as reducing waste.

Get a first look at The Power of Green tomorrow (Sept 12) at our WCP Paper Show in Portland, Oregon. The Power of Green guides will be available for printers and designers later this month. Contact your local WCP account managers to set up consultations and receive your guide.


Need Samples? Ready to order? Have Questions?

Here’s to your next incredible project using sustainable paper options from The Power of Green! If you’re a designer working with a printer, don’t forget to specify WCP Solutions and allow us to be your paper supplier of choice! You can reach out to us by calling (877) 398-3030 or message your local WCP location, we love talking paper!

Take a look here to learn how Neenah Paper is working toward a greener future. 

The Power of Green - Earth Friendly Paper from Neenah Paper

Power of Green - Perfect Environmentally Friendly Paper for Every Project

Power of Green - Available from WCP Solutions