WCP Sample Department: Paper Samples, Swatch Books, Dummies, and Specification Help

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Get Paper Support from the WCP Sample Department

Need help finding the right paper? Perhaps you want to gain some inspiration for an upcoming print project? Looking for a Swatch Book from one of our paper mills? That’s where the WCP Sample Department can help! In addition to our account managers and customer service teams available to help local printers and designers purchase paper for their projects, WCP also has fully staffed Sample Centers available to local print shops and designers.

We’re very proud to offer our paper sample departments as a service to our customers alongside everything else we offer at WCP. As a printer or designer, access to our sample rooms provides multiple services that are beneficial to you and your projects. While you’re working on your design, we can provide you with sample sheets from our warehouses that will offer you a sense of what the paper you’re looking at will look and feel like. We can also provide you with sample swatch books, provided by paper mills, to offer inspiration for paper choices or to see what’s new in the paper world. If you’re putting together a folder or booklet, we can also provide customers with dummies and prototypes of their project to give them a sense of what it will feel like once put together. In addition to all of this, our sample departments can also provide paper consultation and guidance if you’re new to the field or unsure of what your project might require. 

Not only can you stop by and pick up samples from one of our sample centers, but we can also send any of these samples to you via our yellow delivery trucks with your next order or by using a courier service for expedited delivery. 

Our sample departments are available for in-person visits in Portland and Seattle from Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm. If you’re not near a location with a sample center, don’t worry.  We can send off your samples to one of our other divisions for local pickup using our internal transfer system! Come down and see us in person or call us today to let us know how we can help you with your next project! 

Neenah Paper Swatch Books from WCP SolutionsAstrobrights swatchbook and paper samples available from the WCP Solutions Sample Department