Featured Product: Vanish Machine and Hand Film

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Have you heard of Vanish hand and machine film? Check out this amazing, new, and innovative product that our friends at Sigma Stretch have created in collaboration with Smart Plastic powered by ECLIPSE technology! 

This revolutionary product is a fantastic alternative to the regular plastic stretch wrap we all use to wrap pallets regularly. As landfills grow and sustainable products come to the market,  the brains behind this product are tackling this issue head-on by creating a 100% sustainable product.  In the stretch wrap market, the majority of stretch film is single-use and difficult to recycle.  However, this Vanish product uses bio-assimilation to break down until there is nothing left behind and doesn’t require special conditions.

What makes this material so unique lies in its design. Just two years after production and powered by special ECLIPSE technology, this product starts to bio-assimilate, meaning that the product turns into a sustainable material. Sigma Vanish assimilates into a food source for micro-organisms and not only does this breakdown typically happen in about six months, but this process is not limited to happening in just our local landfills. It can take place in both marine and terrestrial environments! One of the best parts about this product’s decomposition process is that it needs no specific conditions before it starts to bio-assimilate – meaning that even in the coldest winter, this film would still vanish, leaving no trace left behind.