WCP Employee Spotlight: Monica Ramos

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Photo of Monica Ramos, WCP customer service team member in Sacramento, California

Monica’s Path from Redmond to Sacramento 

Monica started her career at WCP Solutions back in 2007 at the WCP Redmond, Oregon branch. Working as a receptionist for a few years after beginning with the company, she then began to take on a few vendors for purchasing and moving up the ranks into account receivables. As someone who takes pride in her work, she has become someone that many look up to over the years at WCP.  No matter how long something may take, Monica is the person that will stay as long as it takes to finish it up and has been a go-getter in all the years she’s been with the company.

She continued working for WCP in Redmond for several more years and in 2018, she made the decision to transfer to the new Sacramento division of WCP Solutions. There she performed several roles and was instrumental in the new division as the location grew and hired more staff. Monica was an invaluable part of the new Sacramento team as the division grew and now serves as the Office Manager for the division in Northern California.

Monica’s Personal Story

While Monica was born and raised in a town called Visalia in California, she moved to Redmond, Oregon in 1995 to raise her family. She loves to travel and spend time with her loved ones. In her free time, she loves to shop and her newest hobby will be enjoying spending time with her first grandbaby, due to arrive this year in June of 2021.

Q+A with Monica

What’s your typical day at WCP look like? 
My typical day would start off by checking emails and making sure the warehouse has everything that they might need from me. Next is getting invoices ready to be paid and working on some purchasing. For the rest of the day, I will work on placing orders for customers and helping out wherever I may be needed.

What’s your favorite part of working at WCP?
I love the people I work with! It’s always a fun and enjoyable atmosphere at work.

What’s one lesson that your current position has taught you?
My current position has taught me how to be more patient and understanding. I’ve also learned to take notes and ask a lot of questions even if it seems silly, as there is always a lot to learn.

Can you share 1 or 2 favorite memories or stories while working at WCP? 
While working in the WCP Sacramento division, working on the corporate side of the business, and being here while the company purchased 2 other companies, Digital Imaging & Crown, within 18 months of each other, was a crazy and fun experience. Seeing that process from the ground up and now to look back and to see how much we have grown is a fond memory while at WCP.

Another memory is the company allowing me the opportunity to grow with WCP and take this leap and move to California to start this new journey in Sacramento.

Compliments from CoWorkers

“Monica is a seasoned WCP pro and it shows.  She takes a tremendous amount of pride in her work and has become a leader for the inside staff.  From the time she shows up in the morning (always early) to the time she leaves (no problem staying until the job is done), she ensures WCP Sacramento runs smoothly.  She has a can-do spirit and is all about getting the job done.  She truly is a catalyst to making our division successful.”  Mike G. – WCP Sacramento

Monica is a team player.  Always willing to jump in and assist in any way possible.”  Marilou H – WCP Training

“Monica, the glue that keeps Sacramento together and moving forward.  Always a barrel of fun who keeps things light-hearted, but gets things done!  She knows how to make it happen with a smile!”  Kevin R – WCP Sacramento

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