Employee Spotlight: Kevin Humphreys

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To kick off our first Employee Spotlight of 2024, we would like to introduce you to Kevin Humphreys, one of our Account Managers based in Spokane, WA. Kevin was chosen for this spotlight because he is dedicated to his customers, is a good listener, has the ability to adapt to technology, and has an entrepreneurial spirit – and it’s all wrapped into a professional disposition. Throughout the years, Kevin has developed many long-lasting relationships both with customers and co-workers and has been a contributor to our success at WCP Solutions.

Kevin’s WCP Story

After receiving his MBA from Gonzaga University, Kevin started his paper career at McGinnis Paper and then continued in the industry for the first two decades of his career. Kevin came to WCP in 2009 as an Account Manager after WCP acquired McGinnis Paper and heard about the company’s reputation in the Pacific Northwest market. To this day, Kevin continues to excel in his role as an Account Manager, managing customers in both our Spokane and Montana service areas. “I was blessed to have the opportunity to return home to WCP in 2009,” he says when asked about his return to the company.

More About Kevin

Kevin grew up four blocks away from Lambeau Field in Green Bay, WI. Green Bay Packers quarterback, Bart Starr, was Kevin’s next-door neighbor and that led him and Bart Jr. to walk down to the field to hang out in the locker room with the team. Though growing up next to a football stadium, Kevin has a passion for hockey. This passion led him to play hockey in high school and at The University of Notre Dame. During his college years, Kevin played against all the college students who went on to make the famous USA “Miracle on Ice” team that took home the gold medal at the 1980 Olympics. Following graduation in 1981, Kevin played professional hockey in Europe, which then led him to Washington to play on the Spokane Chiefs team. Since then, he has continued to reside in Spokane, where he and his wife, Tina, have been married for almost 24 years. Together, they have six kids. Outside of going to his children’s hockey games, Kevin enjoys a variety of activities himself, his passion for hockey continues and he enjoys time outdoors hunting and mountain biking.

Q & A with Kevin

What is your favorite part of working at WCP?
First, there is truly a family atmosphere at WCP from the top down. I felt it when I first came to work here and it is even stronger today. Second, WCP Solutions is simply “Best in Class” in our industry. Our Management, Merchandising, Customer Service and Operations teams are a tremendous support to the Account Managers.

What is one lesson that your current position has taught you?
Work for your customers like you are one of their employees. I try to find ways to make their jobs easier by finding a “solution” for their needs. I also try to build a personal relationship with customers because we are still in a relational business and that can help separate us from our competition.

Do you have any advice for new people in the industry who are just starting their careers?
Work efficiently. I have always said that a big part of my job is balancing the proactive and the reactive. My normal day is scheduled with appointments and to-do’s but one call or email can change that really fast! Utilizing technology to quickly access information from the web, Merchandisers, or Customer Service can help me respond quickly and stay on track. Another aspect is “Circle the Customer.” Introduce our management, mill reps, WCP Segment Specialists, and CSPs to your customers whenever possible. They all bring an additional level of expertise and value to our customers that help solidify our relationship.

Can you share some of your favorite memories or stories while working at WCP?
I have a lot of fond memories from working in Montana over the years. In addition to traveling in some of the most beautiful parts of the Northwest, I have enjoyed working and spending time with co-workers and mill reps over there. I have had the opportunity to build some awesome relationships while at the same time securing some very nice pieces of business as well.

Employee Compliments

“Kevin is the epitome of a sales professional, a kind and supportive colleague, and an incredibly talented individual. He is a fierce advocate for his customers, doing everything in his power to ensure support. There is no hour of the day he won’t work and no road he won’t drive to ensure customer needs are met. If there was a position past bending backward for a customer, Kevin would find it and do it in a heartbeat. Kevin’s dedication, integrity, and thoughtfulness help raise the tide for those around him. He is a wise and supportive mentor, always willing to take time to share his experience and time to help his colleagues and customers grow. We are truly fortunate to have Kevin as part of our team!” – Tyson Piessig, Regional Manager – Kennewick, Missoula, and Spokane 

“Kevin is a true professional, delivering top-notch service to our customers. Witnessing him in the field, I can vouch for his hands-on approach and commitment. Beyond work, Kevin values family, setting an inspiring example, and demonstrating an admirable work-life balance.” – Jon Thompson, VP of Sales and Marketing

“Kevin is what I call a star salesman. He has customers all over and moves in a star-like pattern to make sure all the fires are stoked, and the customers are taken care of. His attention to detail and spreading the word of new things happening or coming to see things for himself are what set him above others in the industry. He attributes his success to the love of his family and his faith, both of which make him who he is. I consider Kevin an honest and true friend and enjoy when we can work together!” – Cathy Talkington, Paper and Envelope Specialist

“Kevin is an incredible example of what a lifetime of hard work and dedication to building relationships can do in this business. He is always generous with his time and commitment to taking care of his customers’ needs. As a coworker, Kevin is happy to give insight and a friendly suggestion at any time, always putting the good of the team ahead of himself.” – Ben Moore, Spokane Account Manager

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