WCP Employee Spotlight: Jim Daeley

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Jim Daeley, the WCP Burlington, WA operations manager standing in the warehouse with packaging, paper, and janitorial supplies around himFrom Driver to Supervisor, 28 Years Strong at WCP

Jim started at WCP in October 1992. As of last month, he’s been with the company 28 years, going on his 29th year going forward. When he was first hired, Jim delivered the downtown Seattle route that was out of the old building on 1st Avenue South. In 1999 he started on the Bellingham route and delivered that route until the summer of 2018. Today, Jim is now the operations supervisor of WCP’s Burlington warehouse for which he was instrumental in the opening of. Our Burlington location is the newest of WCP’s facilities in the Pacific Northwest and Jim has played a large part in the early success of our newest hub.

It would be difficult to find someone with a greater can-do attitude than Jim, who is a dedicated and tireless employee. His care and concern for WCP customers and the company itself, make Jim a top notch employee.

Jim’s Personal Story

Jim grew up in what is now Shoreline, Washington, just north of Seattle. He attended Shoreline High School and after graduating, Jim worked on his dad’s milk route. About two years later, he joined the United States Marine Corps. After his time in the military, Jim joined WCP Solutions in 1992 and has been with the company ever since.

When he’s not working at WCP, Jim enjoys bowling in leagues, watching baseball, and spending time with his extended family.

WCP Solutions' big yellow truck parked in front of loading dock at a warehouseQ+A with Jim

What’s your typical day at WCP look like? 

I do a little bit of everything: dispatch, deliveries, and helping my drivers get on the road in the morning. I also spend my days doing warehouse management, solving customer service issues and working with our Inside Sales team to provide the best experience for our customers.

What’s your favorite part of working at WCP?

The people I have the privilege of working with every day. Each day provides a new challenge and we always seem to step up and meet the challenge together. The WCP culture fosters a can-do attitude and it’s a great work atmosphere.

What’s one lesson that your current position has taught you?

That we have great people who work for WCP. When I was a driver, I was kind of in my own little bubble. Now as an operations supervisor, I deal with a wide array of people within the company who do a really great job and take pride in their work.

What’s one of your favorite products that WCP carries?

I would have to say either our lines of PPE or maybe ice melt. They both provide our customers with a feeling of well being.

Do you have any tips to offer customers when they order from WCP?

If you mainly order online but still have questions, don’t hesitate to call our Inside Sales Team or Merchandisers. They are a great resource and can usually answer any questions that a customer may have. And if they can’t, they will find someone who can!

Do you have any tips for new employees just starting their career at WCP?

Ask questions of your more experienced fellow employees and learn from them. This is a great company to work for and the more experienced employees at WCP are great assets. The Abrams family does a wonderful job of taking care of us and fostering a family atmosphere.

Can you share 1 or 2 favorite memories or stories while working at WCP? 

I was delivering the downtown Seattle route and had been with the company for about a year. I was doing some paperwork after making a delivery and saw a gentleman walking towards my truck, dressed very casually with glasses and a beard. He jumped up on my running board and said, “Hi, I just want to introduce myself, I’m Dick Abrams.” And right then and there is how I met the President of the company at the time. To this day I still address him as Mr. Abrams out of respect, but he always insists on me calling him Dick. I’ll never forget that day.

Jim Daeley standing on the WCP Solutions Burlington, Washington loading dock where paper and packaging is loaded on to trucks for delivery to customers.——
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