Employee Spotlight: Brian Keys

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Communicating and managing quotes, customer service requests, and purchasing for equipment between our Portland and Kent locations is no easy task! But somehow, Brian makes it look easy. Since 1999, Brian Keys has been a team player for WCP across the different departments he has been a part of. “He is constantly going above and beyond to help achieve our goals and the daily needs of those around us” says an equipment technician who gets to work alongside Brian daily. Because he is an excellent problem solver, responsive, and detail-oriented, we are proud to feature Brian as our latest Employee Spotlight.

Brian’s WCP Story

Since starting at WCP Portland over 23 years ago, Brian has worn many hats within the company. He first started out on the swing shift team pulling orders in our warehouse. After that he transitioned to shipping and auto-freight, where he was responsible for taking care of all of the outbound freight for the different WCP facilities. In 2006, Brian made another position transition when he moved into inventory control. But after more than 10 years of working in various warehouse roles, he joined the customer service team. In that role, he would answer incoming phone calls, answer questions from our customers, and assist his assigned Account Manager. Then in 2018 Brian moved to the equipment department, and since then, he has worked as the Equipment Sales and Service Buyer/Merchandiser/Customer Service for both Kent and Portland.

More About Brian

Brian was born and raised in Gresham, OR, and currently resides in Vancouver, WA. He and his wife, Erika, have been married for almost 14 years and have a 25-year-old son, Rogan, who currently lives in Denton, TX. One of Brian’s favorite things in life is hanging out with his three Australian Shepherds – Elly, Cash, and Luke. His second favorite thing is getting irritated by his three cats – Molly, Maui, and Mindy. But when not enjoying the company of his pets, Brian also enjoys reading and is a huge Marvel fan.

Q&A with Brian

What is your favorite part of working at WCP?

I’ve always appreciated the family-first atmosphere at WCP. By that,I mean the work family that we see every day and also the support provided for our families at home and the importance of both. I struggle to put into words the relationships that have formed over the years and what it means to me. Some of the most influential and best people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting have been through work. Also, just the day-to-day challenge of quoting, processing and billing the equipment and parts orders proves to be satisfying.

What is one lesson that your current position has taught you?

No matter how much I think that I have learned, I find out every week that there will always be something new. Whether it be a new request for quoting on a piece of equipment that I’ve never heard of or finding the right part for a customer’s scrubber, it has a built-in uniqueness each and every time.

Do you have any advice for new people in the industry that are just starting their careers?

Lean on our vendor resources whenever possible and let them be the expert. We can be a fantastic conduit to meet the customer and the vendor right in the middle.

Can you share a couple of your favorite memories or stories while working at WCP?

I’ve had too many good memories to list them all. Some of the most memorable times are just hanging out with people from work outside of the office. Whether it was a work-related function or just for fun. Had lots of laughs and very good times.

Employee Compliments

“Several years ago, Brian helped organize an amazing WCP dog calendar that I still love to look through. Being a dog lover may be one of the reasons we got along well years later when our paths crossed again on the field service team. Brian brings knowledge from his other roles within WCP and a sense of helpfulness that makes him a fantastic teammate, reliable leader, and true friend. Even in the most demanding of times, Brian has been reasonable and honest about challenges, while always encouraging progress and maintaining a positive mind set. Brian is awesome and I am so glad I still get the opportunity to work with him and the tech team from time to time. Thank you, Brian!” – Jen Richards, Data Governance Manager

“Brian Keys is a dedicated WCP Employee. He pays attention to detail which is extremely important when ordering parts or equipment. Brian focuses on providing solutions to our customers rather than excuses.” – Joe Donneberg, Director of Packaging and Equipment

“Brian sets an incredible example and his commitment to helping this department does not go unnoticed. He is constantly going above and beyond to help achieve our goals and the daily needs of those around us. Our department has faced challenges, but his drive keeps the wheels turning.” – Paul Clark, WCP Equipment Technician 

“Brian has a tough job helping manage equipment quotes and ordering remotely for the Kent Team. He is very responsive and always suggests different ideas and solutions for us to consider. He’s the key to our success!” – Dave Sazama, WCP Kent Sales Manager

Join the WCP Team

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