Custom Packaging Solutions: Benefits of Prototypes

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A custom packaging Perfect Fit prototype

Your unique product deserves a one-of-a-kind package. Maybe you’re searching for a different way to ship out your products, or you’ve created something entirely new that doesn’t quite fit into the typical options. Regardless, we think outside the standard box and give you creative solutions. During the custom packaging design process, you’ll get to test out packaging with prototypes to ensure you receive the Perfect Fit solution.

What is Prototyping, and How Does it Help Your Business?

A prototype is a sample of your custom package. Once your design is complete, our Structural Design team will quickly develop and send you a prototype. Give it a go, and test it out in the real world – before it lands in the hands of your customers. During this stage, you can make changes to the design before selecting a manufacturing vendor for the final product.

Prototypes are essential to ensure you have the perfect package before ordering in bulk. With testing, you can avoid any unexpected issues related to transport, moisture conditions, temperature control, and environmental issues. In the long run, prototypes save your business time and money.

Other Ways our Perfect Fit Prototype solutions will help your business:

  • They help make the manufacturing process easier and more efficient.
  • Prototypes allow for consumer research and retailer review meetings.
  • They serve as a simple solution to identify problems and make design alterations.
  • They help people see what they are designing and creating to facilitate discussions and decisions.

How To Create Custom Packaging Products

If custom packaging is the right choice for your business, our in-house Perfect Fit Prototyping team is here to help. Once you’ve identified a product needing a custom fit structure, your order will go into our Converting Office or through your WCP Account Manager.

From here, our Structural Design team gets to work. With quick turnaround times, we design and create your Perfect Fit Prototype. Customers in Portland can often get updated structures the same day, with customers in other divisions receiving theirs on the next business day or the following day.

We’re also a one-stop shop – here for you from start to finish. Once your design is formulated and finalized, we’ll work with our vendors to supply you with an estimate and the final packaging products.

Learn More About Custom Packaging for Your Business

Brand identity doesn’t end when customers place an order. Prototypes let you visualize the entire shipping and receiving experience as an opportunity to reinforce your business’s values, voice, and visuals. To learn more about working with our Perfect Fit Structural Design Center, contact your local WCP team or give us a call today at (877) 398-3030.