Three Days of Relationship Building, Learning, and People

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Last month in March 2023, we had the opportunity to bring our entire sales and management teams together for three days of relationship-building, learning, and collaboration. At this event, our Account Managers met with suppliers to learn about new products and what’s going on in the industry, strengthen their relationships, and make new connections. We are grateful to all of the supplier partners and presenters who were able to expand our team’s expertise on new products and services that we can now share with our customers.

We want to say a huge “thank you” to our supplier partners for helping sponsor this event to make it happen. We believe that people and relationships are at the heart of our business, which allows us to better serve the many businesses in our communities. For those who were able to attend, you helped make this event so memorable and fun.

Please enjoy the video recap of our WCP Solutions All Sales Event 2023 above.

WCP Solutions employee group photo for 2023 All Sales Event participants

Teresa Russell

Tom Groves, Amy Swanson, and Ed Allen

Ed Allen

Amy Swanson

Jon Thompson

Dave Crenshaw, Keynote presentor on the Myth of Multitasking

Danielle Baker, Keynote presenter - Power of Body Language

Tammy Rimes, Keynote presenter talking about Government Procurement

Employee participation

Supplier participants

Employees gather and talk

Collaboration between team members