2020 Industrial Product Catalog is now Available

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The new 2020 WCP Solutions Industrial Product CatalogIntroducing our 2020 Industrial Catalog – 90th Anniversary Edition

We are very excited to announce the release of our 2020 Industrial Catalog which is now available for our customers! This 90th-anniversary edition of our Industrial Catalog contains more than 6,000 stocking products to choose from to help our customers find the best products to help them run their businesses.

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Product Segments included in the New Edition:

How the 2020 Industrial Catalog Can Help Your Business

This new edition of our Industrial Catalog will allow our customers easy access to find the most popular items across the industrial lines offered at WCP. Most items are typically available for delivery within 24-48 hours and can help our customers reduce costs through vendor optimization. We’ve also expanded our offerings with more Supplyways® products to help meet the needs and budgets of our customers.

Stack of WCP Product CatalogsGet your Catalog Now!

For customers interested in a copy of the new 2020 Industrial Catalog, reach out to your account manager today. Copies are available in the 14 regional WCP locations throughout the Pacific Northwest, Northern California, and Alaska now. For any additional information or how to get your copy today, we’re happy to help you through our main information line at (877) 398-3030. 

You can also find the digital version of the catalog here!