WCP 2019 Industrial Product Catalog is Now Available

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2019 WCP Industrial Wholesale Product Catalog - Featuring Packaging, Facility Supplies, Food Service Processing, and Equipment solutions

2019 WCP Industrial Product Catalog

Sometimes it’s easier to go low tech! Grab the industrial catalog off the shelf and browse through pages full of locally stocked products. While flipping through pages, you often come across solutions for your business you didn’t realize you needed. That’s why WCP is pleased to announce the new 2019 printed Industrial Product Catalog — featuring over 250 pages, 18 chapters, and over 10,000 essential product solutions to help your business. Sometimes having a printed copy is just easier.

For our customers who like to be a little more tech-centric, our Industrial Product catalog is also available digitally as a downloadable PDF or through our Online Ordering tools for customers enrolled.

Product Categories by Chapter

The 2019 catalog features 18 chapters full of industrial product solutions for packaging, cleaning, safety, food service supplies for processing and serving. WCP can help meet the needs for every aspect of your business, from the janitorial closet to the lunch room, or from your office to your warehouse.

  1. Paper, Wipers, and Dispensers
  2. Skin Care
  3. Facility Supplies
  4. Waste Receptacles and Can Liners
  5. Chemicals
  6. Hard Floor, Carpet Care, and Matting
  7. Janitorial Equipment
  8. First Aid and Safety
  9. Foodservice Supplies
  10. Paper Bags and Poly Bags
  11. Beverage Packaging and Supplies
  12. Boxes and Corrugated Rolls
  13. Packaging and Shipping
  14. Tape and Adhesives
  15. Shrink Film, Stretch Film, and Strapping
  16. Packaging Equipment
  17. Office Supplies and Paper
  18. Promotion Logo Products

Our Local Service

Our business is about relationships and we’re proud to have a local team of customer service and account managers in each of our markets. Give us a call (877) 398-3030 and we will be happy to walk you through the product offering and discuss what we can do to help your business. If you have an older catalog from previous years, make sure you talk to your account manager today for an updated product offering for 2019.