WCP Employee Spotlight: Miguel Valle

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Miguel Valle - Swing Shift Supervisor - WCP Solutions Employee Spotlight

Rising through the Ranks for Over 8 Years at WCP Solutions

Having been with WCP for a little over 8 years, Miguel started in the warehouse as an order filler and has worked his way up through the ranks of the company. Filling jobs in the warehouse, customer service and now as a supervisor, Miguel is known to his colleagues as a motivated employee with an amazing attitude. Always a smile on his face, Miguel has embraced every role he’s occupied within WCP Portland and has a constant unquenchable desire to learn. You’ll find him daily, motivating his team and using the lessons he’s learned while on the job to better himself and his colleagues day in and day out.

Miguel’s Personal Story

Born in El Salvador, Miguel’s ethnicity is Spanish and Indigenous Pipil/Mayan. He emigrated to the United States at the age of 14. That journey took him to Corvallis, Oregon, where he lived for about 14 years. Miguel then moved to Kailua, Kona in Hawaii for a little over 2 years before moving to Vancouver, Washington where he lives now with his wife Mandy and two daughters Eva and Macey as well as his beautiful, supportive, understanding and loving cat. Just kidding he says, “my cat’s not that supportive.”

After being referred to look for a job at WCP by a friend, Miguel joined the swing shift team.

Approximately 2 years after joining the team, Miguel was given the opportunity to become the “Dock Boss,” where he would make sure pallets were built correctly at the right height and help with the loading if needed. Next, he became the backup supervisor and with the experience he gained during his first five years with WCP, he started to look ahead to what was next for him. 

Miguel set his sights on growing within the company and joined the Customer Service Team in Portland for two years before he was offered the opportunity to become the Swing Shift Supervisor. Today, Miguel is so glad he accepted that position so that he can use all the knowledge gained from being a former swing shift crew member and having some experience with the Customer Service world as well.

In his personal life, Miguel loves dancing to Latino beats as well as outdoor cooking and camping. He likes building things and watching college football, soccer, and basketball, as well as traveling. But best of all, Miguel loves spending time with his family.

Q+A with Miguel

What’s your typical day at WCP look like? 

I start my day by checking emails for any special request that I need to take care of like canceling orders, updating quantities, etc. Then I print out pick tickets, line up my team accordingly so the operation goes as smoothly as possible and make sure all orders are pulled for all of our affiliates. I make sure trucks are loaded correctly and ready to go out on time and then make sure all orders for Portland are pulled, verified, wrapped, and staged for the next day delivery.

What’s your favorite part of working at WCP?

Being a foreigner myself, I find WCP to be a company that is willing to provide opportunities for all individuals equally no matter the country that you come from, your ethnicity, language, or religion. All it takes is hard work and the willingness to work toward your goals.

Another amazing thing about WCP is my coworkers. For me, some of these individuals have become more like a family away from family and I’m so thankful for them. My coworkers are willing to share their knowledge, teaching, and lead by example day in and day out.

In the few years that I’ve been with the company, there have been many influential people that I have learned so much from. Some of them have led by example, like the ones that work right next to you and are not afraid to get down and dirty no matter their status in the company.

I remember my first days on swing shift when I found myself working right next to Mr. Marc Stansfield (“el Jefe”). I noticed him working hard, wrapping orders in the dock, building pallets, and directing traffic from all corners. From that day on, I realized that I was in the right place and knew that this company is led by hardworking individuals that I can learn so much from. My goal is to become an influential leader for all new employees that are joining our team. I love that learning never stops at WCP.

What’s one lesson that your current position has taught you?

To stay humble, lead by example, teach what I have learned. I’ve learned to encourage my team to set goals for themselves so they can become key players in the operation, to never stop learning, go above and beyond for our customers, and to respect our warehouse. But most of all, have fun!

Oh, and always remember to check for the sprinklers and know where the water shutoff valve is located!

I have also learned over the years that no matter what position you hold in the company, you must never forget where you came from and that all of us make a great team because we know how to work together.

What’s one of your favorite products that WCP carries?

Well, in 2020 toilet paper has become everyone’s favorite! Followed by hand sanitizer and face masks. However, I have to admit that all of our products are important. We carry products that keep businesses moving and by supplying these products to our customers, we are assisting in their success as well as ours.

Do you have any tips to offer customers when they order from WCP?

Visit our website! There are so many products that are viewable on our web page that can help your business grow. Also, schedule a tour of our company where you can meet our team of professionals who are willing to go above and beyond for your business.

Can you share 1 or 2 favorite memories or stories while working at WCP? 

Before I start my story, I need to tell you that I have never been around geese in my whole life. So the story begins… while working in customer service, I had gone out to get something to eat during my lunch break. Earlier that day, in front of the building, I had seen the landscaping crew working near the entrance and when I returned from lunch, I picked up some dirt pieces from the lawn and brought them inside with me.

Right away, I had the idea to play a joke on a couple of co-workers (Kyle Fowler was among them). I placed the piece of dirt on Kyle’s desk and I left with a big smile on my face. I couldn’t stop laughing because I was making it all look as if it was goose poop and was already imagining the big surprise Kyle was going to get when he returned to his office. I proceeded to share my evil plan with Debbie Russell and explained to her what I had done. 

Debbie’s reaction was priceless! She started cracking up laughing. At this point, I felt proud of myself thinking my plan was genius until Debbie, between fits of laughter, explained to me that what I had believed to be clumps of dirt was in fact real goose poop. I had picked it up with my bare hands and carried it all through the office. In disbelief, my jaw dropped and a wave of embarrassment washed over me so I proceeded to clean up the evidence before Kyle got back to his office. 

After Kyle’s return, I humbly went to see him and explained everything. Kyle told me it was a good thing that had removed it because he is actually allergic to goose poop. To this day, I am still suspicious of that claim!


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Miguel Valle standing on the dock at WCP Portland