The Summer Blockbuster Hit: Titan Coated Paper

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Close up visual of Titanosaurus Rises Poster

Titanosaurus Rises

For over 20 years, WCP has been a partner with Hansol Paper. Through this partnership, printers across the PNW, Alaska, Montana, and Northern California have come to know and love Titan Paper. It is a coated sheet that has consistently delivered outstanding quality and reliability.

This summer, we are turning up the excitement as we celebrate coated paper with a fun and nostalgic twist. Many thought the Titanosaurus Rex went extinct many years ago, but we are thrilled to announce that the mighty Titanosaurus, defender of paper and printers everywhere, is back! The Titanosaurus is meant to serve as the ambassador for our Titan Coated Paper campaign. Stay on the lookout for the legendary Titanosaurus Rex, who is making a grand return to the print community this summer!

About the Titanosaurus Rex Poster Series

To celebrate Titan and our long history with Hansol, we are releasing a series of three Titanosaurus Rex movie-inspired posters, which we hope will be a “blockbuster” with our print and design customers. These limited-edition posters are part of our movie-themed collection of print collateral, available exclusively this summer with a new June, July, and August. Each poster will feature its own unique tagline, synopsis, and design style that collectively showcases why printers have continued to choose Titan Coated Paper year after year.

The first poster, available now, represents the consistency and reliability that Titan Coated Paper brings to every print job, showing how Titan is the coated sheet that RISES TO THE OCCASION.

Titanosaurus Rises Poster

Titanosaurus Rises: Limited Edition Poster 1 of 3

Fictional Movie Synopsis for Titanosaurus Rises

The Titanosaurus has not been seen in nearly 20 years. Our main character (Steve Cole) travels to the remote jungle in search of the mighty Titanosaurus to defend paper and print everywhere. As always, the Titanosaurus rises to the occasion.

Explore Titan by Hansol

Titan Coated is available exclusively from WCP Solutions in our market. Download our Titan sales sheet for additional specs and our full stocking list.

  • Available in gloss and dull finishes
  • Available in folio and digital sizes ranging from 11×17 to the B2 size, and all the way up to 28×40
  • HP Indigo Certified and Kodak NexPress qualified
  • Xerox iGen 5 and Canon tested media
  • It is made with 10% PCW materials and has other environmentally friendly certifications and qualities

To learn more about Titan Coated Paper and get your hands on the special-edition Titanosaurus posters, contact your local WCP Account Manager, our Customer Service team, or Design Center and Sample Libraries. Call us today at (877) 398-3030.