Custom Sheeting – What is it and Why?

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Pallet of Perfect Fit custom sheeted paper and board made to a unique size for our customers projects

What is Perfect Fit Custom Sheeting?

For our print shop and manufacturing customers who use paperboard products, standard paper sheet sizes aren’t always the best fit for their needs. Maybe they are creating a package with a unique shape and size. Off the shelf paper may not be the right dimensions for that design; meaning there’s a lot of blank space not being used; this is wasteful and inefficient. We understand that one size does not fit all, especially when it comes to customers’ paper and packaging projects, that’s why the WCP converting team produces Perfect Fit Custom Sheeting solutions. By using a custom sheet size tailored to your unique project, customers will reduce waste, save money, and maximize the yield.

What is the Process?

First, you start by working with our industry experts who can help you select the right substrate, caliper (thickness), and size for your paperboard project. Our team will walk you through the processes from top to bottom. Once approved we then take large master rolls of paper or large “parent” sheets and cut them down to your unique size requirements. We are passionate about quality; throughout the process, we have assurance checks to ensure a high-quality product with excellent on-press performance. Because we want to make sure this product is a perfect fit from top to bottom, we even build our own pallets on site, on demand for your job.

Our standard lead time is between 1-3 days with only a single 1-sheet minimum!

What are the Options?

We have our comprehensive selection of paperboard grades, calipers and roll sizes. We also offer custom skid types and pile heights.

  • Sheet sizes – widths from 11″ to 56.5″ and lengths from 11″ to 65″
  • Skid types – press-ready or continuous feed
  • Custom pile height (how tall the paper is stacked on the pallet)

Why use Custom Sheet Sizes?

There are many benefits to using Perfect Fit custom sheeting, including cost savings, improved turn times, and competitive advantages.

  • Reduced Paper Waste = Reduced Paper Cost
  • Reduced Make-Ready Time = Greater Productivity & Efficiency
  • Competitive advantages over competition using standard sheet sizes

What about the Environment?

At WCP Solutions, environmental sustainability is an integral piece of our approach and we strive to be proactive in our efforts to reduce waste. When a customer chooses Perfect Fit products, they are making a choice for sustainability – both for the environment and for their business. In addition, our Perfect Fit operation has earned the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) chain-of-custody certification.

The paper trim, roll cores, and plugs are all recycled and often return to the Mills for re-pulping or re-use.
The dust created in the slitting and cutting process is sent out for composting.

custom sheeting paper is more sustainable for the environment

Get Started with Perfect Fit Custom Sheeted Solutions

Talk to your local WCP Account Manager, call us at 877.398.3030, or visit to get a free quote on custom sheeted solutions