INSPER M Paper: An Alternative to High-End Text and Cover

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Calendar printed with Insper M rough paper and Insper logo in the cornerProduct Spotlight: INSPER M Paper

Looking for something different when it comes to text and cover? How about a sheet that offers high quality but at an economical price? Consider INSPER M paper, an excellent solution for white, uncoated text and cover paper, and we carry it in various weights and sizes. 

For most paper applications, INSPER M rough and smooth can be used interchangeably. It all comes down to which finish you prefer. This paper is particularly good for brochures, printed collateral, and mailers. In addition, its shade of white is on the cooler end of the spectrum, the paper has good opacity and a consistent formation.

Don’t Let the Finish Fool You!

In terms of finishes, INSPER M Rough is known for having a luxurious texture and superb printing performance, while INSPER M Smooth has a sleek texture and optimal whiteness. Do not let the word “rough” fool you; even though the manufacturer has listed the finish as rough, most local printers would consider INSPER M sheets labeled “rough” as smooth and the “smooth” sheets as super smooth.

Rough finish items are HP-certified and great for offset toners. The “smooth” feel of the rough paper is ideal for keeping the integrity of an image when printed. Smooth finish items are exceptional for offset litho printing and dry toner applications.

We Tried it Ourselves!

We liked the paper’s feel and finish so much that we printed our 2023 WCP Solutions Wall Calendar on INSPER M rough. The smooth, matte finish makes the color of the images pop, and the uncoated paper gives off no glare. Customers and employees have been reaching out with rave reviews on the print quality of our latest calendar.

Calender page made with Insper M rough paper with photo of hummingbird

Printing specifications for WCP 2023 Wall Calendar: INSPER M Rough, 84#, 4/0 HUV Special Mix process with 50% Fluorescent inks in CMY, printed Offset Litho.

INSPER M is In Stock and Ready!

We have a wide range of INSPER M stock across the company and it is available locally. Below is a list of the sizes, weights, and finishes that we have in stock and available to ship out to customers.

  • Basis Weights: available between 64# – 84#
  • M-weights: available between 140m – 198m
  • Sheet Sizes: available ranging from 25 x 38 – 28 x 40
  • Finish: sheets are available in smooth and rough finish

Contact your local division for local availability, but know that we also have additional supply available for transfer from our other WCP locations if needed.

Learn More

Call us today at (877) 398-3030 or contact your local WCP account manager or customer service for inventory availability, introductory pricing, receiving samples, and placing an order. Let INSPER inspire your next printing project.