Beverage Catalog Volume 10 is Now Available

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Hands holding volume 10 of the beverage catalog

WCP Solutions is excited to announce Volume 10 of our Beverage Packaging and Supplies Catalog. The new catalog includes an updated and expanded list of products for both the front and back of the house within your business. Featured products include pulp wine and beer shippers, cold-chain solutions, display bags and boxes, promotional items, and branded custom packaging solutions. With thousands of options to choose from, we have products that are perfect for you, your business, and your needs.

View the digital Beverage Catalog here

Western Pulp Compostable Cold Chain Shippers

Replace polystyrene with ultra-sustainable packaging that is easier to recycle, reducing waste pollution, and enhancing customer experience. Vintner’s Choice wine shippers are reliable in both testing labs and in the field. The patented molded fiber geometries are specifically designed to endure the hazards of today’s distribution environment.

Visit page 2 in the Beverage Guide to learn more.

1-Way PET Kegs from Unikeg

UniKeg® incorporates Lightweight Containers’ Double Wall™ technology, spear use, and conventional fittings, which have each proven effective and work seamlessly together. UniKeg® can fit any CO2, nitrogen, or mixed-gas dispensing system using conventional fittings with a Sankey coupler. UniKeg® also has developed ⅙ barrel sizes, specifically for US distribution, stock, and tapping systems.

For more information, turn to page 23 in the Beverage Guide

E6PR’s Compostable Can-Rings

E6PR’s Compostable Can-Rings are made from natural plant fibers and designed to safely pack and carry canned liquids throughout the supply chain, from the canning line to retail shelves and ultimately to consumers. When properly disposed of in a composting facility, Eco-Rings degrade in days, providing a sustainable alternative to cardboard and plastic, which require expensive recovery programs and pose downgrading challenges.

See page 21 in the Beverage Guide for more information.

Contact Our Team

If you are looking for product solutions for your winery, brewery, and distillery business, contact our local beverage packaging and supplies specialists to chat about the options that we offer. Our team is a great resource of information and we are happy to set up a consultation with you to discuss finding products that meet the goals of your business. Give us a call today at (877) 398-3030 to learn more.

A complimentary printed copy of the Beverage Catalog is available upon request.