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Paper 101: Sustainability – What is FSC?

Tree Growing in the forest - About FSC Blog from WCP Solutions

Welcome to our new series: Paper 101 from WCP Solutions! In this new series, we’ll explore paper basics to help our customers learn more about the industry. Whether you’re a printer, designer or a business that has purchased paper from us, we’ll be diving into everything paper in this series as we move forward and hope to provide useful information for our customers, whether you’re new or seasoned in this industry.

Introduction to Paper Sustainability

In a changing world in which sustainability has become an important part of our everyday lives, the paper world has become a vital part of being “greener” as paper originates from our world’s forests. Responsible forestry is a large part of the sustainability discussion, as forests cover 31% of the world’s land surface according to the EPI. Fortunately, through sustainable forestry practices and organizations like FSC, there are 20% more trees in the US today than there were on the first Earth Day Celebration in 1970. Today, through better practices and more awareness, the paper industry is making sustainability more accessible than ever through the use of FSC certified paper.

What is FSC and what does it do?

FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council™, a third-party organization that manages how the world’s forests are cared for and preserved. The Council aims to promote environmentally sound, socially beneficial and economically prosperous management of the world’s forests. They achieve their mission by working with forest managers around the world to make sure the industry complies with environmental laws and regulations. They also focus on the way forests are managed and oversee sustainability and environmental programs that help to preserve forests for years to come.

Why does any of this matter?

In the words of the Rainforest Alliance, “Simply put, we cannot survive on this planet without forests. In a sense, they breathe for the Earth, absorbing carbon dioxide from our atmosphere, and producing the oxygen we require in return. And by storing that carbon, forests help to regulate the global climate, absorbing nearly 40 percent of the fossil-fuel emissions we humans produce” ( Forests, in short, are vitally important to the health of the Earth and in turn, vitally important for humans. So when we use trees to make products, like paper, it’s important that we are aware of and utilizes sustainable techniques to make sure forests are preserved and sustainably managed.

How You Can Utilize Sustainable FSC Certified Paper

When choosing paper for your next project, in an effort to be more sustainable, FSC certified paper is a great option. By choosing FSC certified paper products, you’ll be protecting natural forests as well as knowing that products that are FSC certified will help sustainable forestry practices keep the billions of hectares of land around the world filled with trees, safe for future generations as well as helping to protect the health of our planet.

What FSC Certified paper products can I get from WCP Solutions?

Luckily, as sustainable practices have come more to the forefront in the last several years, there are many different options when it comes to choosing an FSC certified paper product for your project. WCP offers many paper options under the FSC certification including paper from the mills like Neenah, Mohawk, Domtar, Hansol, and Sappi. These companies offer sustainable paper options that will help to protect forests around the world. Your local paper specialists at WCP can offer suggestions for your next project to help you source the perfect sustainable paper product for your needs, in an effort to help conserve the world’s forests. Ask your local account manager or our customer service team for more information today!



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