About Our Online Ordering System

Once a commercial account is established with WCP Solutions, customers have the opportunity to sign up for online ordering and its many benefits.  Customers who use our secure, online ordering system find that it is an easy way to order with us and offers many advantages.  It's easy and convenient to use and allows customers to place orders any time day or night, at their convenience from any internet device.

Benefits of Online Ordering

It's proven that electronic transactions improve the total business process while providing significant benefits in increased productivity and immediate access to information.  Take advantage of these benefits and request online ordering access today.

Provides Immediate Access to Information

WCP Solutions's online ordering provides real-time access to information related to purchases shipments, pricing and products.  It offers immediate access 24 hours per day, 365 days per year to the following information and actions:

  • Order placement and status
  • Purchase history
  • Pricing inquiry
  • Inventory and item inquiry
  • Click-through catalog
  • Quick Shop (enter item# and quantity)
  • Shopping lists
  • Shop by history
  • Site Use Settings

Online Ordering Summary

Online Ordering Quick-Steps

1.  Ready

Register on this site.



2.  Set

Apply for an account



3.  Go

Request Online Ordering.

(For enterprises with an established account & assigned customer number only.)