AirWine® Carrier

Protect Wine for Air Travel

The AirWine® carrier is a simple and inexpensive method for transporting wine when traveling by air. Simply place up to six bottles of wine in the foam insert, place the foam insert in the AirWine® carrier, extend the handles and carry the box as if it were luggage.

Once you arrive at the airport, use the unique tuck-away feature to fold the handles of the carrier safely away from tears and snags before checking the carrier as baggage. When you claim your baggage at your destination, simply engage the handle to carry your wine like a suitcase.

Homeland Security measures limit the amount of carry-on liquids for air travel. This means that air-travelers who wish to transport wine must check it as baggage. Our AirWine® carrier is specially designed for you to conveniently carry and protect your special purchases.

AirWine® Flyer